About The Page

1Up Culture is a passion project of mine that was originally featured on the Alternate Dimensions forum and Facebook page. Published weekly every Australian Monday, 1Up is a platform for me to tackle a wide variety of subjects. Generally these will centre on entertainment like movies, video games and comics. Other times it’ll go beyond that to delve into deeper aspects of our pop culture fascination and consumption, or look into the media concepts that frame the industry. When there’s big news, 1Up will serve to unpack and analyse it. When the world is a bit quieter I’ll take to less time specific discussion points.

As a Journalism, Media and Communications graduate, 1Up Culture lets me hone my craft while also talking about the things I love, and hopefully that passion might inspire you to look at your own media consumption in a fresh way or maybe even learn something new. Pop Culture is a broad subject, and my personal interests are all over the place, so there’s bound to be a topic covered that you didn’t know a lot about.

So read on and enjoy! Thank you for finding your way here, be it by design or accident.



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