About Me

So you’ve found your way onto this page one way or another, and maybe found yourself wondering who is the genius nutcase behind 1Up Culture.

Hello friend, my name is Trent!

1Up Culture is something I started up for two reasons. As a Journalism, Media and Communications student turned graduate I wanted an avenue to work on my writing and practice keeping to a schedule. An article a week, every week. It forces me to keep my brain and fingers active, and teach myself to be a little less lazy.

But the second reason is quite simple. I love popular culture. I love entertainment. I love the way it operates to bring us pleasure, trigger our emotions, give us things to talk about and forges connections. Most of my earliest childhood memories aren’t of places I visited, but worlds I was introduced to through the television. I remember lying on my dad’s chest as a baby watching Burt Reynold’s Convoy better than I do my first day at school. And I probably have forged more emotional connections with fictional characters than I have actual.

Now, in my mid-twenties, I’m less self conscious about who I am. Where as once I might have kept quiet for fear of what people might think, now I recognise that my interests are just a part of what makes me – me. The entertainment I’m drawn to isn’t arbitrary, but because of who I am: what I find funny or fascinating, what I’d like to be or what I’m afraid of, and if we’re being completely honest, what attracts me. And it’s the same for anyone reading this.

You’ll get to know me through the many columns on 1Up Culture. Not only the basics of what I like and don’t like, but where those opinions come from. Some pieces delve more personally than others. And the plan is to let some of these columns become more personal and introspective, because we can learn through that together.

Never be embarrassed by the popular culture you consume, embrace it. Think on it, learn from it. And in doing so, you’ll start to know yourself better. Which is valuable, because sometimes it’s hard to define ourselves.


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